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More tips for toddler travels

Letter to editor

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POSTED: October 11, 2013 11:42 a.m.

Editor, Reading Hollie Moore Barnidge’s column “Preparing for air travel with a toddler” reminded me of the days when I flew with my now 21-year-old daughter over to Sweden.
And here are some more tips I picked up along the way from my fellow flight attendants:
• Rather than giving snacks and drinks, I carried a small stash of individually-wrapped “gifts” that took Liv ages to open. The longer it took to discover a little sticker, a crayon, a tiny booklet inside the hotel soapbox or pretty envelope, the better.  
• The SKY magazine in the seat pocket works well. Parent finds an exciting photo (an elephant?), bookmarks a few pages, and then asks Toddler to find the page with the elephant on it. Resist the urge to help the child find it. The goal is to drag out the time it takes to keep Tot occupied. And if Toddler is quietly doing a task, do not disturb him/her! Just enjoy the peaceful moment.
• My husband’s favorite was doling out one Cheerio at a time. Here again, those tiny fingers took a good bit of time getting the Cheerio from tray table to mouth!  
• Lastly, humor goes a long way. To the businessman on your row, just say, “Sir, should my little one get antsy, please feel free to give me any tips or suggestions. I’m all ears — and that goes for anyone seated around row 33. You know they say: ‘It takes a village’ ... although in this case, it may take a planeload ...”
Good luck and happy travels!

— Denise Swan Isacson, Bryan County



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