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Sad story in the making on Sapelo Island

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POSTED: September 27, 2012 12:28 p.m.

I know this is not sports. It's more important than that. The Dolphin Project’s Peach Hubbard sent me a link to this story Wednesday:

Please read the story before going any further.

If you've read it, thanks. And from here all I can say is that it’s the saddest bit of news I’ve gotten in a while and something I think I’ve feared for a long time. I hope there’s still time for something good to come of this, whether it’s through private fundraisers or government intervention. Something has to be done.

I know from personal experience that Hog Hammock is a special place. I was fortunate enough to go there in the late 90s to cover a unique story when paramedics from around Georgia banded together to teach Sapelo residents first responder skills. I was lucky to meet Cornelia Bailey and other Hog Hammock residents and to experience ”Sapelo Island time.” I’m not sure I’ve ever felt the same peace since leaving.

I believe nobody who goes to Sapelo comes away quite the same. I think we’re better for the experience and I know I didn’t really want to leave after my few days there. It is a place that knows itself, if that makes any sense.

Perhaps that’s why so many will covet it if the families of Hog Hammock are priced out of land they’ve owned for generations.

And that will be a crime.



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